The Garland to End All Garland

I’ve had a lot of free time since school ended for the summer, so the crafts continue! I have wanted to make this garland for a while, but it is not dorm-friendly, so I thought I’d wait until I was home. I actually did this all on my back porch with the sun out and a nice breeze passing through (that only got in my way a little bit). So now I present:

The Largest, Fluffiest Garland Ever

You’ll need:
Coffee filters!!! (I used 500+)
Food coloring (and water)
TIME. Lots of time.20140606-145828-53908228.jpg

1. You can dye the filters many different ways. I liked dunking 5-7 filters at a time in a bowl filled with dyed water, then hanging them to dry like this:

2. Change up the amount of coloring/water you use so that you end up with a variety of colored filters in the end:


3. Make a stack of alternating colored filters and start stringing them together using your string and needle:

4. You’re done! All of the steps are simple, it’s just time consuming. But worth it!!

The pics below are from a summer photo shoot I worked on with my friend Claire, of Coastal Delight (an adorable fashion blog). We had sooo much fun! I made this garland and some other things for it and we both worked together on set execution. I can’t tell you enough how beautifully everything came together! Check out the whole thing here:





More Pink! More Garland!

Welcome back to Frill Your Room with Love! We couldn’t resist posting another Valentine’s Day DIY decoration this week, and this flower garland is just too adorable (and simple!) not to post about. Enjoy!

Supplies you’ll need: stapler, coffee filters, twine, food coloring, and container to mix food coloring in


Step 1: Fold coffee filters in half, in half again, and in half a third time, so they look like this:


Step 2: Mix food coloring and water together in the container (we used a styrofoam plate):


Step 3: Dip the folded coffee filters in the container and let sit until dry (we let them dry overnight):


Step 4: Once dry, take the coffee filters and ruffle them up to make them look like flowers:


Step 5: Take the pointed end of the coffee filter and fold over the twine then staple:


Keep attaching your flowers (about a stapler’s width apart) until you reach your desired length. Although these are intended to decorate for Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably want to keep them up all year long!
_MG_0717 _MG_0705

Thanks for stopping by!
With Love and Frill,
Anna and Gina