The Garland to End All Garland

I’ve had a lot of free time since school ended for the summer, so the crafts continue! I have wanted to make this garland for a while, but it is not dorm-friendly, so I thought I’d wait until I was home. I actually did this all on my back porch with the sun out and a nice breeze passing through (that only got in my way a little bit). So now I present:

The Largest, Fluffiest Garland Ever

You’ll need:
Coffee filters!!! (I used 500+)
Food coloring (and water)
TIME. Lots of time.20140606-145828-53908228.jpg

1. You can dye the filters many different ways. I liked dunking 5-7 filters at a time in a bowl filled with dyed water, then hanging them to dry like this:

2. Change up the amount of coloring/water you use so that you end up with a variety of colored filters in the end:


3. Make a stack of alternating colored filters and start stringing them together using your string and needle:

4. You’re done! All of the steps are simple, it’s just time consuming. But worth it!!

The pics below are from a summer photo shoot I worked on with my friend Claire, of Coastal Delight (an adorable fashion blog). We had sooo much fun! I made this garland and some other things for it and we both worked together on set execution. I can’t tell you enough how beautifully everything came together! Check out the whole thing here:





Daffodil Daze

Looking for a way to decorate for spring with stuff you already have lying around? You can make a bouquet of these paper daffodils to brighten up any room in an instant!

You’ll need: yellow and white construction paper, q-tips, a way to color the q-tips yellow (we used food coloring), scissors, and tape


First, dye your q-tips.


Next, you’ll make the petals. It’s like making a paper snowflake, but it’s hard to explain. Hopefully these step-by-step pictures will help you. Start with a square, fold it in half, fold the top across diagonally and trim the excess so you have half of a triangle on top and a square on the bottom. Fold in the other half to make a complete triangle.

Blog Pic

Fold that triangle in half, then hold it at the top and round the corners like this:



Open it up and you have your flower base!


Now for the middle, cut half circles out of the yellow paper about this size:


Roll it into a cone and tape it.



You have all the pieces you need- now it’s time to just put them together! Poke a hole in the white flower and put a cone inside it. Finally, take your q-tip and stick it through the middle of both of them. Tape the base of the cone and white flower to the q-tip and your flower is ready to go!


So springy! These can freshen up any table or mantel in an instant. And bonus: no watering needed to keep them looking beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love and Frill,

Anna & Gina

A String of Hearts

Here comes one of our favorite holidays for decorating and crafting!! We are putting together directions on how to make some sweet cards, gifts, and decorations for Valentine’s Day. Today we present this simple and darling heart garland.

Supplies you’ll need: hole puncher, twine, type of glue (we used a hot glue gun), scissors, patterned Valentine’s paper (it can be scraps!)


Step 1: Cut out hearts of all shapes and sizes from the patterned Valentine’s paper. Go ahead and layer them up! The more layers the better.


Step 2: Hole punch each corner of the hearts so that they can be connected with twine later.


Step 3: Put the twine through the holes and use your judgement on the spacing.


Hang up your new garland anywhere you’d like and to celebrate in style!!


Check back this week for more Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations!

With Love and Frill,
Anna & Gina

Good Lookin’ Bookin’

What better way to get excited for class than with adorable, sassy notebook covers? This super simple craft takes only minutes and it’s a great way to use up all those old magazines you’ve been hoarding in the corner of your room. Check out our easy steps below!

Supplies You’ll Need: Magazines, Scissors, Brush, Mod Podge, clear packaging tape (optional)


Step 1: Look through the magazines and rip out pages with designs you like. Make a template for your triangles with plain paper and then trace/cut triangles from your desired magazine pages. Lay them out.


Step 2: Use mod podge to glue the triangles onto the notebook.


Step 3: A quick, cheap way to secure your triangles and give your notebook a finished look is to cover it with clear packaging tape. We chose to do so, and our notebooks turned out pretty well!


Now you’ve got a pretty notebook to fill with sketches, poems, love notes, math equations… whatever your heart desires. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and Frill,

Anna and Gina