coffee filters

The Garland to End All Garland

I’ve had a lot of free time since school ended for the summer, so the crafts continue! I have wanted to make this garland for a while, but it is not dorm-friendly, so I thought I’d wait until I was home. I actually did this all on my back porch with the sun out and a nice breeze passing through (that only got in my way a little bit). So now I present:

The Largest, Fluffiest Garland Ever

You’ll need:
Coffee filters!!! (I used 500+)
Food coloring (and water)
TIME. Lots of time.20140606-145828-53908228.jpg

1. You can dye the filters many different ways. I liked dunking 5-7 filters at a time in a bowl filled with dyed water, then hanging them to dry like this:

2. Change up the amount of coloring/water you use so that you end up with a variety of colored filters in the end:


3. Make a stack of alternating colored filters and start stringing them together using your string and needle:

4. You’re done! All of the steps are simple, it’s just time consuming. But worth it!!

The pics below are from a summer photo shoot I worked on with my friend Claire, of Coastal Delight (an adorable fashion blog). We had sooo much fun! I made this garland and some other things for it and we both worked together on set execution. I can’t tell you enough how beautifully everything came together! Check out the whole thing here: