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The Garland to End All Garland

I’ve had a lot of free time since school ended for the summer, so the crafts continue! I have wanted to make this garland for a while, but it is not dorm-friendly, so I thought I’d wait until I was home. I actually did this all on my back porch with the sun out and a nice breeze passing through (that only got in my way a little bit). So now I present:

The Largest, Fluffiest Garland Ever

You’ll need:
Coffee filters!!! (I used 500+)
Food coloring (and water)
TIME. Lots of time.20140606-145828-53908228.jpg

1. You can dye the filters many different ways. I liked dunking 5-7 filters at a time in a bowl filled with dyed water, then hanging them to dry like this:

2. Change up the amount of coloring/water you use so that you end up with a variety of colored filters in the end:


3. Make a stack of alternating colored filters and start stringing them together using your string and needle:

4. You’re done! All of the steps are simple, it’s just time consuming. But worth it!!

The pics below are from a summer photo shoot I worked on with my friend Claire, of Coastal Delight (an adorable fashion blog). We had sooo much fun! I made this garland and some other things for it and we both worked together on set execution. I can’t tell you enough how beautifully everything came together! Check out the whole thing here:





Daffodil Daze

Looking for a way to decorate for spring with stuff you already have lying around? You can make a bouquet of these paper daffodils to brighten up any room in an instant!

You’ll need: yellow and white construction paper, q-tips, a way to color the q-tips yellow (we used food coloring), scissors, and tape


First, dye your q-tips.


Next, you’ll make the petals. It’s like making a paper snowflake, but it’s hard to explain. Hopefully these step-by-step pictures will help you. Start with a square, fold it in half, fold the top across diagonally and trim the excess so you have half of a triangle on top and a square on the bottom. Fold in the other half to make a complete triangle.

Blog Pic

Fold that triangle in half, then hold it at the top and round the corners like this:



Open it up and you have your flower base!


Now for the middle, cut half circles out of the yellow paper about this size:


Roll it into a cone and tape it.



You have all the pieces you need- now it’s time to just put them together! Poke a hole in the white flower and put a cone inside it. Finally, take your q-tip and stick it through the middle of both of them. Tape the base of the cone and white flower to the q-tip and your flower is ready to go!


So springy! These can freshen up any table or mantel in an instant. And bonus: no watering needed to keep them looking beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love and Frill,

Anna & Gina

Snacks on Display

Another Monday. So sad, we know, but we have a colorful post to brighten your day! Here is a super easy and cheap little craft for adorable snack holders for your next party, girls’ night, picnic in the park… or whenever the need for cut snacking strikes!

You’ll need: paper plates, decorative (or plain Scotch) tape, extra ribbons/strings- anything you want to decorate the container with), a ruler, scissors (regular and/or decorative), paper clips, and a pencil.



Step 1: Trim the edge of the plate with either regular or decorative scissors.


Step 2: Turn the plate upside down and draw this grid to create a square in the middle of the plate.



Step 3: Cut a slit in every other line around the square like this:



Step 4: Fold the sides up around the square, leaving it as the base of the box.



Step 5: Fold the excess part of each flap around to the next side and paper clip it like so:





Step 6: Tape the sides down, remove the paper clips, and decorate however you’d like. Fill with snacks and enjoy!



Here’s hoping this week will actually feel like spring!

With Love and Frill,

Anna & Gina



It’s Your Lucky {Mon}Day!

Wondering how to add some frill  to your next holiday party? Our craft of the week was simple, decorative coasters (see our last post), so we made them St. Patrick’s Day-themed for today. Once we had a few fun coasters, we put together some St. Paddy’s party table settings:


We loved the look of scattered gold (chocolate) coins around our Paddy’s Plates. Also, name tags at place settings are the sweetest thing in the world and will make all of your guests feel special and remembered!


We used old bandanas and scarves to wrap up the silverware instead of napkins. SO adorable and unique, and everyone will just use the big stack of paper napkins in the middle of the table anyway.

Then we invited our friends to celebrate with us…


Antoinette and Corrine sharing a coke and happy moment. 


Silken struck gold!


We hope your St. Patrick’s Day is golden!

With Love and Frill,

Anna & Gina

Spring Break in the Big City

Welcome Back

How was your spring break? We both had a very busy one. We went home to see our families for a few days, then each headed to New York City to enjoy our time off. Since we just got back to school and are working on a bigger St. Patrick’s Day themed post for next week, we thought today we would share some highlights from our spring break.


Over spring break, I went to Connecticut/New York City with close friends. We all stayed at our good friend Ashley’s house in West Port. Below are pictures of some of the places we went to in the city. Pictures don’t do the places or the experiences justice but I hope you enjoy them.

 In this photo is the renowned Times Square where every tourist must go. One of my friends  kept saying she didn’t believe she was in New York until she saw Times Square.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

One of my favorite places that we went to was Central Park. I love that it gives you a break from the chaos that is New York City by just walking a few blocks. Central park also gives great views of the skyline, like in this photo. With the elevated rocks, one truly gets a sense of being on top of the world.


Another place we went to was the New York Public Library. In all honesty, I had no idea what the building was but I really appreciated the architecture so I thought, Why not go in? It’s free, and when something is free in New York, you don’t pass it up. After going in this library, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to pop in and check it out.



I went to the Big Apple to visit my dear friend Eva, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, for the weekend. I stayed with her in her dorm, which is located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Very exciting. How fabulous is she in this photo booth strip we got in the gorgeous NYC Urban Outfitters?


One of my favorite places we ate at was Doughnut Plant. The inside was a donut dream. The tiles on the walls were made into colorful donuts, the chairs were shaped like donuts, the tables looked like donuts, and this wall (below) really took the cake (lol, cake donuts). They were like a family of donut pillows- so colorful and adorable we almost passed out. But not before devouring our triple chocolate and fresh blackberry donuts (which I’m still dreaming about). Go to the Doughnut Plant!!!


Saturday was sunny and beautiful and filled with shopping. We went to SoHo, and you definitely haven’t shopped until you have been up and down these endless sidewalks of stores. Happy Socks was sweet – check it out for some funky and high quality socks.


Hope your break was just as much fun. Thanks  for reading!

With Love and Frill,

Anna & Gina

A Day Frilled with Love

This Friday we decided to gather up some of our friends and all our Valentine’s Day treats to have a little party and photo shoot. We had so much fun and definitely celebrated the “togetherness” of the holiday (and ate a lot of candy).


Our friend, Corrine, donated these heart paper straws that could not be any cuter, and also the felt hearts draped over the record player in the picture above. (Both straws and felt hearts are from Target.)

Here is Corrine working hard (and being adorable) signing some Valentines:Image

We made these Valentines with paper made (from scratch) by our friend Hannah, and water color paints from our friend Andrea. What would we do without our talented art major friends? It really was a team effort!

Gina received this rose and some chocolates from another friend, Laurel. How sweet!Image

Anna and Corrine enjoying some snacks and each other’s company at our get together. Did you see our flower garland on the wall? Check out our last post to learn how to make some for your next party!Image

The record player is from Urban Outfitters and the Fleetwood Mac album is Rumours, one of Anna’s favorites!

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love and Frill,

Anna and Gina

More Pink! More Garland!

Welcome back to Frill Your Room with Love! We couldn’t resist posting another Valentine’s Day DIY decoration this week, and this flower garland is just too adorable (and simple!) not to post about. Enjoy!

Supplies you’ll need: stapler, coffee filters, twine, food coloring, and container to mix food coloring in


Step 1: Fold coffee filters in half, in half again, and in half a third time, so they look like this:


Step 2: Mix food coloring and water together in the container (we used a styrofoam plate):


Step 3: Dip the folded coffee filters in the container and let sit until dry (we let them dry overnight):


Step 4: Once dry, take the coffee filters and ruffle them up to make them look like flowers:


Step 5: Take the pointed end of the coffee filter and fold over the twine then staple:


Keep attaching your flowers (about a stapler’s width apart) until you reach your desired length. Although these are intended to decorate for Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably want to keep them up all year long!
_MG_0717 _MG_0705

Thanks for stopping by!
With Love and Frill,
Anna and Gina