Good Lookin’ Bookin’

What better way to get excited for class than with adorable, sassy notebook covers? This super simple craft takes only minutes and it’s a great way to use up all those old magazines you’ve been hoarding in the corner of your room. Check out our easy steps below!

Supplies You’ll Need: Magazines, Scissors, Brush, Mod Podge, clear packaging tape (optional)


Step 1: Look through the magazines and rip out pages with designs you like. Make a template for your triangles with plain paper and then trace/cut triangles from your desired magazine pages. Lay them out.


Step 2: Use mod podge to glue the triangles onto the notebook.


Step 3: A quick, cheap way to secure your triangles and give your notebook a finished look is to cover it with clear packaging tape. We chose to do so, and our notebooks turned out pretty well!


Now you’ve got a pretty notebook to fill with sketches, poems, love notes, math equations… whatever your heart desires. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and Frill,

Anna and Gina


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